In a psychiatric ward, a woman that believes herself to be a witch just got roomed with a woman that believes herself to be a witch hunter.

In 1959, a budding psychologist called Milton Rokeach conducted an experiment at the Ypsilanti State Hospital in Michigan. He found three men, all convinced in their own minds that they were the second coming of Jesus Christ, and interred them together. He’d hoped that by forcing the men to confront the absurdity of their claims he could “cure” them.

After the fights had been quelled, Rokeach noted only that the men had found ways to rationalise the existence of the others as mentally disturbed patients or bodies operated by machines.

When the orderly on the morning round entered room 614 and stepped into the congealing pool of blood, she wanted to the shake the next doctor who thought he could fix life’s problems by locking them in a room and waiting for them to solve themselves.

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