Two friends are inseparable, even in death. They are reincarnated together no matter what, same era and location, and they always meet each other.

“Remember when we played hide and seek.”

Julia sat on the ledge, her legs dangling over the edge of the building as the wind whipped at her hair. Eli was walking along it beside her, placing one foot in front of the other with his arms outstretched like a tight-rope walker. He loved moments like this, talking about the past.

“I remember giving you a count of one year,” she said.

“Well then it was your fault,” he said, nearly slipping but steadying himself at the last moment. Still, it wouldn’t be the first time he’d fallen from this great a height.

“You were living with a family of goat milkers in Mongolia when I found you! I had to sleep with a Khan just to make him whittle down the number of people you could hide inside.”

“You got me back,” Eli said, hopping down and sitting beside her. These new bodies were still fresh, awkward. It took a couple decades for them to get used to them. The length of the arms. The swing of the hips. Some were better than others. “That gas was mean.”

“It was warfare. You brought horses to a tank fight,” she defended. “And besides, these people, they’re too many now. No one knows anyone anymore. I try to feel their lives, to engage them in conversation, but all they see are threats.”

“We’ve had some input on that,” Eli admitted.

“Leave me out of it. You’re the one who wanted to go to the moon, egging them on with that cold war.”

“Yeah, well. What are you gonna do?”

Julia looked down at the millions of lives spread out before her and sighed.

“Maybe we should just go home? It’s been an awfully long time.”

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