A new law is passed: In case of an unplanned homicide, the offender will be let off if they have previously saved someone’s life at great risk to their own. Describe a courtroom scene of the first such possible case.

“Wait. I need a call.”

The two officers cracked a grin but didn’t stop. They flipped the folder shut and stood, talking about who was going to handle the paperwork on this case. James slammed his hands on the table, handcuffs rattling on the hard metal. That got their attention.

“I want to trade. Under the Altruism Law.”

“You’ve got nothing going for you son. We’ve got you dead to rights.”

“I need to make a call.”

The older officer looked to his colleague who shrugged. Picking up a receiver from the wall, he passed it to the suspect.

“You’ve got two minutes.”

“Thanks,” James said, hurriedly punching in numbers. “Top? It’s Mason. I need a patch, you’ve gotta put me through to the top.” James glanced at the impatient cops. “I need it now.”

The first officer gave up waiting after five minutes, but his companion offered to stick around in exchange for a coffee. James was getting nervous now. Even more so than when they’d burst in and found him standing over her body. He still felt sick thinking of it.

“Mason,” the voice on the phone asked. “You’ve got sixty seconds. Put ‘em on.”

James passed the phone to his solitary guard who grunted before putting it to his ear.

“This is the President of the United States. James Mason is to be released under the Altruism Law.” To his credit, the officer didn’t blanch.

“Sir, I’m going to need more than just your word to let a suspected murderer go.”

There was silence. Then, “Lieutenant Mason’s records are being sent to your office. It’s redacted, but that man saved my life and you will show him the utmost respect.”

The first officer burst in, a thick wad of paper in one hand and a coffee in the other.

“This guy fucking took a bullet for the President and nobody even knew it happened!” he shouted.

Waving an agitated hand, the other officer looked at James. “Thank you Mr President. He’ll be released straight away.” Putting the phone down, he took the papers and scanned through them. “You’re one brave sonofabitch,” he said.

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