An eternity ago, you took the chance to become immortal. Since then, the earth has died. The solar system has died. The galaxy, the Universe. Gone. Nothing but darkness. Darkness and you.

And I grew so bored.

Infinity is not like eternity. They both stretched before me, but infinity was a black cape, draped across my eyes. It was so close, suffocating and blinding me, but always beyond my grasp. I could reach out but never touch it.

Eternity. Eternity was like a metronome. It ticked and tocked and ticked and tocked, with a perfect mathematical purity that I could never alter. After an eon and a century, my heartbeat was the only sound I heard.

I had all the matter in the Universe, spread before me in a grid not even Poisson could have described and my fingers were numb. I cracked my hands together and roared. The waves shook reality, ripple after ripple smashing and crashing against the atoms. And they sung to me.

I smiled, and my heartbeat increased. Music flooded into my ears. I was alive.

I charged the debris. I threw my arms wide and I gathered the matter and I hurled balls of it against imaginary enemies like a childhood version of myself, reliving memories of heat and cold bundled in winter jackets and frozen faces.

The atoms, they burned. I took them all. I clasped them in my hands. The universe. All that was and ever had been, in the palms of my hands. And as I crushed it. As I squished and ground it, tighter, smaller, hotter, my heart was racing. And when I smashed a fist into a palm, the world exploded and I knew I would live again.

Prompt originally posted by yadila on reddit and received 8 upvotes.

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