She doesn’t know everyone else can see.

You didn’t wound me. No one will see the marks you’ve left behind. No one will know the scars that you etched so deeply that they will never fade. Everyday I look in the mirror and I see what you did.

I hid it, but you can see.

Basic was supposed to be the great equaliser. Camaraderie. Running the gauntlet of life together. Like brothers and sisters. Something I never had. We marched together. After. You, my squad mates and friends. We were supposed to protect each other, but none of you could see.

I hid it, but all of you could see.

I followed the chain. I put my faith in the instruments. I did all that you said and complied when you said no more. I had given you my loyalty and you gave me your condescension. So I hid it from the command, from the leaders of our unit.

I hid it, but you didn’t want to see.

He had taken something from me a bullet or a knife could not have. And when I was robbed and alone and beaten inside, you told me to buckle up, to accept that this was what it took to be part of a mans world. That this was what I had needed. And when I left and I shouted and I screamed from the rooftops that this was not what was right you tried to silence me.

I hid it, but you forced them to look away.

And now I sit and I stare at the wounds. There’s nothing left of the woman you attacked. You took everything I had and everything I would ever be and the company that was supposed to protect me did nothing.

I hid it, and you all knew.

Prompt originally posted by DeusEXMachin on reddit and received 5 upvotes.

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