Tell a story in which the protagonist must kill his/her love interest.

“Katie, you can still make it! Hurry, please honey.”

He could hear her laboured breathing over the headset. One of the cameras mounted to the side of her head was panning wildly, alternating between the heavy door at the end of the tunnel and the encroaching darkness behind her.

He could see the door inching closed, on feeds and monitors but most of all on his wife’s face. She looked terrified. Sil put his fingers against her lips, causing ripples as he passed through the image.

She tripped and fell and tumbled and Sil nearly smashed his desk, hammering at the controls as if it would do any good, screaming at her to get up, to get up and run! She scrambled to her feet, but the heavy suit slowed her every movement. She fell again.

“I love you,” she whispered, on her knees.

She didn’t look back. She didn’t look at the doors.

She looked into the camera and smiled at her husband.

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