“Why were you dishonorably discharged?”

“Jimmy had dropped out after Anchorage a few months back, after dropping his CO first of all. We’d made it all of eight months in the Marines and he decks the bastard and just walks off with his rifle and pack. Discharged for unsuitable personality.

“A few weeks later I get a ping on my commo and it’s Jimmy sending me a fucking postcard from Bora Bora or somewhere with actual sunlight. He’s got a guy on his arm and a drink with more umbrellas than the beach in the background. Caption: “first paycheque.” Bastard.

“So the next day I’m set. I’ve gotta get out of this chicken-shit outfit and join up with one of those PMCs. Day one: I’m cleaning the latrines and just pour it everywhere. You’ve never seen guys move so fast. Didn’t work. More latrine duty.

“On the range I decided to step it up. The front’s been quiet, so we’re getting in “practice time”. I sling a semi-tac in my launcher and shoot that thing straight up on a delayed fuse. It’s practically a mortar coming down. It blows a hundred metres out, and I’m lashed on the post but no discharge yet. The brass know what I’m up to.

“Now Jimmy’s sending me videos of the cool shit he gets to play with every day and I am busting a nut trying to get my discharge papers. I figure I’ve got to get them to notice me directly. The brass I mean. So I get some old rifles, the mechanical kind and start taking apart those old rounds, piling up the cordite and gunpowder like some medieval sorcerer.

“Apparently there isn’t much difference between shit and supper, because I’m working the galley in the commissary. Officers first, ‘course. And I’m spooning in heaps of this stuff, big mess of black powder into the gumbo. It took… what, thirty minutes for them to start puking. You’ve never seen so many flat-tops rushing for a door.

“So I get a week in the brig and the full-bird figures it’s high time they were just shot of me. Dishonourable discharge with prejudice. But I didn’t care. I caught the first transport back here and filled in your forms.”

Tommy smiled and looked at the recruitment officer for Arrow Security Corp. The man still had his mouth open.

“And you think this makes you a good candidate?”

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