A cowardly, inexperienced burglar breaks into your house without noticing that you’re home. You happen to be sharpening a knife.

“Can I help you with something?”

Rinn nearly screamed, slipping on the laminate flooring and banging his head against the lock that had defeated him. The old man was standing at the end of the hall, lit by the gaslamps behind him, so that Rinn couldn’t make out his face.

But his eyes could definitely make out the long knife, held in the mans hand. He gulped and fumbled to his feet.

“Please, I’m sorry, I’ll go, please don’t,” he stammered.


He wanted to escape. Like a rat caught in a cage, Rinn’s mind was focused solely on getting out. Back to the streets and the sewers, away from the guardsmen and high men who were only happen when his kind were out of sight and out of mind.

“I said stop,” the man said again, much closer.

He placed a hand on Rinn’s shoulder, the boy flinching under the dirty rags that made up his clothes. The knife flashed close, but the man saw the look of terror in the boy’s eyes and placed it out of sight on a small table. Gripping the boy, he lifted Rinn from the ground.

“You look like you were trying to get somewhere safe,” he said, perfect accent matching a perfect face.

Rinn tried to smile, tried to explain he just wanted food and shelter and warmth. The man smiled back at him, opening the door.

“These men will be able to help you.”

Two guardsmen stood waiting outside. Rinn took one look at their crimson uniforms and started screaming.

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