A robot that can do your job has been invented, and your line of work has become completely automated. You used to be a priest.

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been two years since my last confession.”

The terminal knew exactly how long it had been. The moment I walked through the arches it had looked up my last confession. It had trawled every database and log, collating everything I had done that could be deemed a sin. It was a pretty big list.

The luminescent numbers, etched into the skin of my forearm, had paused as I started my confession. The terminal whirred and clicked, a monotonous voice urging me to continue.

“I hit a man.” The machine weighed up my words against the police report. “He took the Lords name in vain. He questioned the integrity of His servants.”

I leant forwards and cradled my head in my hands. This had been my duty. I had trained for it, destined to follow in my fathers steps and his forefather before him. And now I found myself communing with the divine through metal and glass.

“I wanted to hurt him. But the truth was…”, the machine was feeding off of my biometrics, judging whether what I was saying was truthful or not. I might as well be honest in the house of the lord. “The truth was, he was right. You’re not fit to offer salvation to a mans soul.”

The machine beeped and a rickety printer spat out a leaf of paper. My time was up. On the receipt was a list of absolutions I should undertake. The numbers on my arm reset to zero but began counting upwards the moment I left.

Prompt originally posted by wrestles_bears on reddit and received 33 upvotes.

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