After years of trusting his cybernetic additions, he feels them betraying him, sees the blood on his hands, and can only think, “Stop stop gadget…”

It started back in ’09. The Triads had merged with the Russians, moving across the west coast like a fungus eating it’s way through a leg. It was my own stupid fault. I’d taken out the local mafia hub, hung the Capo from a bridge and thought I was done with it.

This fight had cost me everything. My daughter had been eaten by the fungus already and now my own body was starting to choke on it. The neuropozyne was building up in my system. The seams between flesh and metal were slowly scarring over and every morning I could feel it, another little bit of sensation gone, missing.

I’d shot a guy through the chest, a few years back. My arm had twitched, sights switching from leg to chest and a bad guy got a casket instead of a cell that night. It was my first kill. After that it fell apart. Three more “accidentals” later I was suspended. The moonlighting didn’t last long before I had to go underground. It wasn’t losing the badge that hurt. It was the looks on their faces. They didn’t understand.

I tore at my leg but the pain started screaming through the flesh. I dumped meds into my bloodstream. The disk saw made short work of the skin, but the metal took a bit more work.

I’m nearly done now. There’s not much left, but for the first time in a long time I feel human again.

Prompt originally posted by ChrisTaliaferro on reddit and received 22 upvotes.

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