In the distant future, humanity has spread to the stars and is investigating other planets. On an industrial-era planet full of reptilian sentients, there is a conspiracy theory that “the Mammalians” control everything.

“I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy,” Manx said, fully believing it was a conspiracy. He passed another sheet of plasticrete to Kalyx, the bulky suit getting in the way. “I mean, it’s been what? Fifty years since the face-furs showed up?”

“Fifty six,” Kalyx said, locking the sheet in place. “And they don’t like that name.”

“Pffh, the blue-backs don’t like their nickname, but you call ‘em it anyway.”

Kalyx motioned impatiently for another sheet. “They’re a foot tall and don’t have ears,” he said.

“So you’ll insult someone if they can’t hear it?”.

“Or can’t fight back.”

“Wow, speciest much?”

Kalyx dropped down from the platform and helped Manx lift up the next strut. They’d been working together for almost a year now, stuck on some makework assignment on the perimeter of the new colony while the humans got to work in the nice glass domes.

“How did this turn into a discussion about me?” Kalyx asked. “You’re the one convinced the face-furs are taking over the Union.” Manx smiled at the slip of the tongue and Kalyx cursed himself.

“There’s no way these single-planet rocket-dwellers could have come up with FTL, spread beyond their zone, made contact, disintegrated all the contacts, occupied the homeworlds of all the contacts and established rule over all of the contacts in one generation.”

“Maybe they’re just really good?” Kalyx said.

“At what? Meeting, greeting or beating?”

Kalyx picked up a sheet and let Manx do the climbing this time.

“I think you need to stop thinking.”

“What if that’s what they want?!” Manx said, taking the plasticrete.

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