Lizards regenerate, creatures dwell underwater, insects utilize poison, yet humanity remains sheltered. Governments instill mandatory programs to physially alter the human race; millennia have passed and we have evolved, but not without controversy and warfare.

It was a crazy guy from one of the Abrash-towns who first tried it. He took three breeders, a valuable commodity in those parts, and juiced them. Now, this was long after the Governments had run out of control over the tribes, so pretty much anything went as far as synth genes went.

These three breeders, they gave birth to three kids. Two boys and girl. I think. It all gets a bit hazy when reproductive organs start appearing in different places. This one guy… another time.

So Kane, Kento and Kes come out and within a month they’re mature. I mean, nothing surprising there, any longer and you’re pretty much asking to be dog meat. Three kids, three weeks, and already they’re racking up points. One day two of the tribes tag team Kento. Once you’ve seen the Aquatics, you’ll never go near even a fucking puddle ever again.

And when it’s done, and the kid is lying without a head and still twitching with two boneblades jutting out from his elbows, they move in and dissect him. This is what it’s all for. Harvesting. We’ve all seen the basics. Vape-lungs, shiners in the retinas. Heck, you’d struggle to find a kid who doesn’t have a second heart nowadays.

But this kid? Fuck!

The old man, the father, he’d grown metal. Metal! The kids body was literally coated in it. His veins ran through it. His head had more iron in it than a camshaft.

And that was the first of the lugnuts (I’m assuming whoever reads this can work out how that name came about). Nowadays a steel or a fibre or a ceramic mesh is par for the course.

I wonder what that old man was dreaming up next. Before his daughter took his head.

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