Two planets come within range of eachother every 300 years. There is always an ensuing war that lasts the 5 days that the planets are close enough. Each side can only guess at what new technology the other has built since the last time.

Venuzia had always been the blue marble. You couldn’t live on a world of islands and not want to set sail; to see what’s on the other side of your small world. And when you’ve circumnavigated the globe so many times you know every cove and can call the birds by name? What then.

And so it was the Venuzians took to the skies first.

Veta was another matter. The rust of a thousand machines had coloured the planet a blood red. And while their fleeting neighbours took to the skies in ships, the Vetans rose to the stars on a tower of metal and glass.

“They are within range?”

The First-level Mechanist flinched as his commander stood behind him. He licked at his lips under the heavy mask, the goggles hiding his face and his nerves from the older man.

“Soon sir, they’re passing the first of the moons.”

The Commander let out a heavy breath through his own mask. The room had become deathly quiet. Punching in a few keys, the First-level tracked the approach of Venuzia.

“Felix, how go our neighbours?”

Felix had jumped from the war bird, using his own shiftsuit to arrest his fall and glide to a graceful landing on the carrier’s deck. The air was thin this high, which meant good speeds in freefall but necessitated the use of a breather. Felix held up a finger as he took a deep lungful.

“They’re gone.”

The Elder was sitting with one leg dangling over the edge, watching the oceans miles below. His father’s father had been a rain walker; oh the uproar it had caused when the son decided to fly instead of swim. But now it was his own turn to be confused.

“Where? How?”

“The clouds, they’re endless, swirling like a single giant monsoon over the entire planet. We can see nothing.”

“Those clever bastards,” the Elder said.

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