You are transported five centuries into the future and watch a documentary about the present day (2015). But oddly, the world depicted in the film is unrecognizable to you.

“This is wrong.”

Katie gripped the edges of the little pad, watching the images play out above it. It was her only lifeline and now even it had begun to betray her.

“This is all wrong. None of it makes any sense.”

Kent took the tablet back, prying it from her fingers, before ending the recording. He huffed, nostrils flaring. Katie shrank back.

“Your accent is funny,” he said.

“No it’s not.”

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

“That’s Shakespeare. He was dead centuries before me.”

“No difference. It’s all ancient history.”

Katie crossed her arms, trying to make herself seem more intimidating in front of the brute. He towered over her five feet by a good head or two, but it was the augs that made him more fearsome. Like everyone she’d met so far, he resembled humanity in only the broadest strokes. Eyes of an animal and arms of a robot, he had already proven his strength, killing the first slaver who had captured her.

“But it’s my home. I just want to go back.”

“For a slave,” he said, chuckling to himself, “you have an active imagination. No, you’re coming with me to Terracisco. Virgin flesh and not a glint of silver about you. You’ll fetch a pretty penny.”

Prompt originally posted by fishuponastar on reddit and received 8 upvotes.

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