Breaking news! Weyland-Yutani purchases INGen! Business insider Adam with more on the story:

In what many analysts are calling a bold move, Weyland Yutani have announced plans to purchase the troubled InGen Corporation for an undisclosed sum. Weyland Yutani, formed eight years ago as part of the merger between rival companies Weyland Industries and the Yutani Corporation, has seen major growth in domestic, international and exoplanetary markets.

Many feel the move is a land grab for the company, allowing it to expand into markets it has typically had little success in, including biosynthetic replicants and xenobiology. Recently declassified files show a string of failures, with top military officials calling for the company to provide information on various skunkworks projects.

InGen has faced growing criticism in recent years for its bewildering array of consumer-orientated products and attractions. The recent class action lawsuits for the recalled “Jurassic Park 7: A Park in your Yard”, which saw dwarf dinosaurs take the place of family pets, resulting in several hospitalisations and animal control callouts, has left InGen with an interim CEO who many saw a stopgap measure for negotiations.

An official spokesman for Weyland Yutani had this to say on the merger; “It is our belief that by taking InGen in as part of the company, we can provide the resources and personnel necessary for them to accomplish the next great leaps in evolutionary biology. This is a great day for all of us, shareholders and consumers alike.”

Stocks climbed sharply this morning in response to the news. The acquisition is expected to complete within the fiscal year.

In other financial news, the United States Colonial Marine force has been brought before a congressional panel to explain the loss of a twelve billion credit assault carrier in unexplained circumstances.

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