Nazis won WWII. It is the year 2013 and two game developers (who are nazis of course) are talking about rebooting a classic computer game called Castle Buckingham/White House/Kreml etc. (the final boss was of course a cyborg head of state e.g. Cyborg Stalin)

“Dammit Franz, you can’t keep on hiding these references in the game.”

Karl punctuated his outburst with a sheaf of paper. Franz took it and read through the comments that had been filed against his code.

“It was supposed to be a joke. A little easter egg.”

“Well the Oberführer didn’t take too kindly to it.”

Franz tugged at his collar. He’d been born into the regime, the only way of life he’d known, but his grandfather had told of the fight against the capitalists and communists. How the war had turned in their favour. Hearing his father talk of storming the streets of London had been one of Franz’s favourite memories as a child.

When Los was taken for expressing his preference for other boys, Franz and the others didn’t say anything.

Katrina had mentioned attending a rally, to drum up support for returning some of the powers absolved during the war. Her family had no body to bury.

And so when Franz, disillusioned making propaganda pieces for Goebbels, sat by his dying grandfathers bedside and confessed these treasonous thoughts, expecting the old man to launch into another endless tirade, he instead found something much more important.

His grandfather had clutched his wrist, blue eyes boring into his as his parched lips formed the last words he would utter.

“This will all end. Use your gift, these games, to show what if…”

“If what grossvater?”

“To show what if I had never picked up a weapon for that monster.”

Prompt originally posted by SirFluffyTheTerrible on reddit and received 5 upvotes.

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