The nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki fail to convince the Japanese leadership to surrender. You are a US soldier sitting in a landing craft in Tokyo Bay on March 1st, 1946.

Wherever Bobby Blake looked, he saw the same thing. In the still air above the scorched and still-smouldering ruins of Nip-central, howling like a wounded animal that’s lost a leg to the gangrenous onset of a thousand small bites, fluttered a thousand foreign flags.

The golden hammer-and-sickle should have been a welcome sight to Blake’s eyes. The Reds had pushed through Manchuria, putting a million men in boats across the Japan Sea before the Yanks had even finished dropping their bombs. The bodies of the city’s last defenders had been rolled over the edge of the docks, until they piled so high the men at the top stuck out like a rock, the mollusks and carrion already picking at their exposed flesh.

The Colonel stood beside Bobby, his field-glasses scanning endlessly back and forth.

“What do we do Sir?” Bobby asked.

The Colonel sighed, chewed his cigar and spoke to the wheelhouse. “Put her in by the East docks. Sergeant Blake, I want you and your men to grab as much land as you can. The Ruskies are going to try and claim this whole damned island if they can, and we need to put up a wall to stop them.”

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