Write your best Cold Opening.


A figure clad in black runs across a rooftop. The lights of the Eiffel Tower illuminate their lithe figure. Gunshots ring out off screen, the figure ducks, dives, rolls and comes up shooting.



She is panting heavily, clutching an object to her chest as if her life depended on it. She releases the clip on her pistol, slides in a new one singlehandedly.

(Bryce – over radio)
Oh joy, the police have joined the party. Might I suggest you leave.

Now why didn’t I think of that. Is Hillary ready?

Yes. He said something about a swan pecking at him.

However will he cope.

CUT TO: Rooftop doorway

Three men burst onto the rooftop. Lara tucks the object away in her jacket, cocks the weapon. A burst of speed and she is sprinting towards the edge.

SWITCH TO: Low shot over the Seine

Couple walking along the banks. Jogger jogging. Normality, only the distant patter of gunshots.

RACK UP: A figure dives from the rooftop

The camera follows Lara’s dive, inverting itself until she swan dives into the murky water.

SWITCH TO: Camera breaking the surface

A motorboat roars up alongside, it’s wash enveloping the camera as Lara hauls herself out. As soon as her foot clears the water, the engines are in full throttle and they’re away.

SWITCH TO: Shot of pilot through windscreen

If you wanted a swim, the water at Croft manor is much more conducive to your clothes. You have no idea the time it takes to wash out the smell.

Lara unzips her jacket, lies back on the bench seat of the speedy little boat and watches the building recede. From the folds of her jacket she pulls out the small golden object.

A short dip is a small price to pay for this beauty.

She holds up the idol. It glitters. Strange runes cover one side in a strip.

And besides, where we’re going I don’t foresee much swimming. Or water for that matter.

CUT TO: Close on Bryce, shaking his head

Oh goodie, another desert.

Prompt originally posted by Fractal_Death on reddit and received 3 upvotes.

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