Humans have recently been introduced to the council for intelligent species, the representatives for each race debate the possible roles humans are most suited to within the organisation.

“They can contribute to the arts. They create the most amazing displays of materials layered upon thin screens,” the Ancaran said.

The Zemet representative scoffed. “The Kalthrops have done so for millennia, with paints that constantly morph.”

“They have the most amazing voices. They dance and sing in endless displays of emotion,” the Betazoid said.

“The Iridians turn their entire epidermis into a visible display of emotions,” the Zemet said.

“Well what about our understanding of the Universe the progenitors creator?” asked the Cit. “They have amazing ideas for combining disciplines.”

“They count in base ten,” he said, chuckling. The Cit looked crestfallen, at much for having his suggestion shot down as for a supposedly advanced lifeform counting in groups of ten.

“They may make fine warriors,” the Drogba said, flexing his grip around his double edged sword.

“Only one heart.”


“Only two arms.”


The Fennick realised at once his suggestion had been misunderstood. Two of his stomachs were rumbling, but the look in the Betazoid’s eyes was ravenous.

“All those in favour?” he asked.

Edit: probably should have read the linked image before replying as I’ve basically done the opposite :P

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