Siberia: Scientists to Reanimate 30,000-Year-Old Virus Found in Russian Province’s Permafrost

Sokolov entered the override code into the doors lock and waited nervously as the light flashed orange, once, twice, until finally it flipped to green with a reassuring beep. He nodded at his squad mate, before swinging smoothly into the antechamber within. His rifle scanned the nearest corner on his left, knowing Popovich behind him would cover the other side automatically.

“Clear,” he whispered.

Popovich moved to the next door. Sokolov looked at the small room, the racks of coats and boots scattered haphazardly about as if someone had left in a hurry. He nodded and Popovich eased the door open. The scene beyond was carnage.

The ceiling had been raked by long gouges of weapons fire and something else Sokolov couldn’t recognise. The fluorescents, now hanging at odd angles, cast odd shadows across the rest of the room. Tables had been piled together as a makeshift barrier that had evidently been ineffective.

“What did this Vasily?” Popovich asked.

“I don’t know, but keep your eyes sharp. We need to…”

Sokolov raised a fist quickly, motioning to one of the desks by the far wall. It’s surface was pockmarked with the same pattern as the ceiling; small craters that looked like they had eaten into the wood.

Popovich covered from the side as Sokolov moved in closer, using his weapon to lead the way. Another sound. Something was moving, slowly. The scent of blood caught in his nose as he noticed the blood trails, all leading back into the building.

Counting down on his fingers, Sokolov swung around the desk at the same time Popovich did. A woman in a lab coat stained with blood and dirt looked up at him through her trembling hands, shielding herself from his light. Her lips were moving ceaselessly. He leaned in closer, turning his head to hear.


The scream was inhuman and by the time Sokolov had swung his weapon into position Popovich was already halfway out of the room. As Sokolov saw his friend disappear around the doorframe he realised this wasn’t a standard search and rescue mission.

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