Describe a world in which light behaves fundamentally different to our own.

“Now, what is the speed of light?”

Karen shot her hand up. English, Art even Biology; all subjects she couldn’t understand. The Universe should work in predictable patterns. It should be knowable!

The teacher looked around the room and picked on one of the boys at the back. She kept her own up still, waving it with a manic intensity.

“Henry?” the teacher asked.

“Erm, like really fast. Or slow.”

“What Mr Jones is trying to say,” the teacher said, resuming his lesson, “is that the speed of light can vary greatly depending on the difference between the emitter and receiver. Now, what do we call this scale?”

Her fingers were now waving individually, every joint from shoulder to knuckle moving like a snake.

“Jess,” the teacher said, placing a hand over the screen of a student near the front without even looking. “Care to tell us?”

“Erm, the Lahrenheit scale?”

“Correct!” the teacher said, writing the word out on the board. “The Lahrenheit scale is based on the difference between slowest speed of a person and the fastest known speed.”

“But sir,” Karen finally said, her resolve shattered to wait any longer, “that scale makes absolutely no sense!”

“Ms Belsius, I have had it with you and your units.”

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