In a city filled with daily superhero/supervillain battles, you’re an ER doctor in the trauma hospital that treats all the injured bystanders, heroes, and criminals.

Icepick is the worst. Ask any EMT and they’ll give you a different name, but for me, he’s the most dangerous.

Fire is horrendous. It burns and scars and the victim is screaming as they’re tearing the flesh from their arm. I’ve seen more than a few people die from the shock of it before they make it to A&E. But ice. Ice is insidious.

A frostbitten finger feels nothing. No pain or sensation. It is just a blackened stump on the end of a hand. The person looks at it and always asks the same questions; will it heal, will they regain the use of it. And every time it’s the same answer.

Try looking into the eyes of a six year old girl and tell her her arm has to go because she got too excited waving at her favourite super while he caught a few lousy bank robbers.

You do it enough times and you become like the limbs you’re cutting off, cold, dead inside and spreading into all the good that’s left.

I think that’s what finally got to me. I think that’s what made me stop trying to help by treating the symptoms. Now I’m going after the cause.

Prompt originally posted by INGWR on reddit and received 2 upvotes.

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