Nasa tests their ability to change trajectory of a huge asteroid. The test sets the asteroid on a collision course with earth.

“Hey Bob, remember that time I reintegrated all of Asan’s differential equations on the phased plasma experiment?”

Bob frowned over his styrofoam cup of coffee. It was 11pm. His wife would have put the kids to bed by now, telling them daddy was playing with the stars, then she would have taken the bottle of red from the cabinet, uncorked it and proceeded to toast to another absent night.

“I remember he had a nervous breakdown when the flight controller reamed him out over it.”

“Oh yeah,” Jay said. “Hey, remember Lee? When we thought it would be funny to unmoor his zero-point module.”

“You mean the thing that bounced around the lab for two days before it ran out of power? I don’t remember there being much of a ‘we’ about it.”

“Oh yeah.”

“I’m tired Jay. My calculations have put a body of rock bigger than Rhode Island on a collision cause with the West coast. I need to find out where I went wrong.”

“Oh yeah,” Jay said. “About that.”

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