Soon after “Faster than Light” travel is developed, it is determined that the Universe ended long ago. We hadn’t noticed before because the destruction of the Universe travels at the speed of light.

Millennia ago we were convinced the heavens and the earth were formed of the four fundamental elements: earth, wind, water and fire. From them, all things could be created.

And science advanced and we learnt of the atom. The smallest divisible piece of the molecular whole. And science leapt forwards and the field of alchemy was cast aside as yet another thaumaturgy.

And then we split the atom. The smallest became smaller still and the world, our perfect deterministic world, was shattered with it. God it turned out, really was a gambler. And the wild-haired scientist gave us the first universal truth.

Matter is energy and energy is matter.

From the atom we learnt and from it’s children we grew. Fission to fusion, magnets to cold; we turned the hard world around us into the power to follow the starlight. And as we crawled and stumbled and walked and ran into the void, we found the next truth. Mach 1 broke the sound barrier and the windows of the homes below. Warp 1 broke time.

Space is time and time is space.

To travel faster than space permits is to affect time. Imagine being knocked aside by a wave on a vast ocean, so hard that you fall into the water and cause the very wave that hit you. By travelling faster than information, you can cheat the Universe.

Fly at point eight c and you can experience a century in a few decades. Fly at eight c you can go back a century, break causality, wreak havoc with the laws of nature.

And that’s when we found it. The edge. Like a wake that left a gash in the ocean, the ships had torn time. One vessel, a pleasure cruiser from Ceres with a couple of fifth generation fuerdai, had gone on a long run to the outer rim. And when they came back, they brought with them a great zipper of destruction.

The Universe had died long ago. A couple of drunken idiots had just moved up the timetable.

Apologies to any Physics majors reading this.

Prompt originally posted by skztr on reddit and received 6 upvotes.

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