Those who die during the apocalypse keep reliving it over and over, unless they find a way to survive it.

Wait for the first shell to hit the landing craft. Use White as a shield; don’t look into his eyes.

Climb out port side. Let rifle sink into water, you’ll get a new one. Twenty feet to beach. Ten to first hedgehog. Take cover for five, four, three, two, run for third tank obstacle ahead. Say goodbye to Goldstein and take his rifle when he lands.

Krauts pause to reload MG 42. Run for defilade at 2 o’clock and don’t stop. Your rib is broken, spit and breath. Two shells, thump thump, use spray for cover and make for the base of the battery. This is the hard part.


Don’t watch the beach. They’re just dying and none will reach you.

Gerry One will start shouting, he sounds like Prof Hanz back home. Climb the barbed wire. It doesn’t hurt as much as you think. Two trenches, two choices. Left beats right, six to ten.

Left: three Nazis first corner, one sitting, two standing. Five rounds in the clip, don’t be stingy.

Right: only two, but the old one is a real bastard. Don’t go for the head, he’s too fast. The other one will beg you to let him live. Lier.

I’ve reached the bunker a hundred times now. Five men. I can’t stop them.

They kill my friends, they kill my comrades and they kill me. Over and over I’ve stormed this beach, it’s my own personal hell now.

Five men. That’s all that’s standing between me and rest.

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