A boy and his dog are abducted by aliens. Adventure ensures

Humans are everywhere. Seriously, I’ve been on one hundred and thirty three worlds and every one I’ve been on has treated me like an American visiting a nice European country. “Oh, you’re from Earth? That’s nice. Now stop staring at my reproductive organs and decide between thing a. that looks like a small rodent or thing b. that looks like thing a’s moma after six weeks in a slow cooker.”

Needless to say, when I was picked up on Terra I just happened to be collateral damage. A little freebie they could try and sell on Calypso or another one of the Hannover worlds. “They” turned out to be a group of arachnids, and I’m paraphrasing here, “who deal in all things exotic, esoteric and erstwhile”. I’m from Earth and even I can’t speak English as well as these guys.

It was Rex. That was who they were after. Three years old, a bald patch on his tail where he’d had a lump removed, and as daffy as the day he was born, Rex was my chocolate lab and to anyone outside Sol’s gravity he was the most amazing creature in the ‘Verse.

I had one thing going for me. Rex was inseparable. Take me out of his sight and he’d growl, bark, howl, run around in that silly little circle and pounce on the first thing made of organic matter. So I became the pet, kept around to keep the main attraction docile.

On Romeo I got to hook up with this amazing Julietten bird. And I mean bird in the literal sense, with wings and a beak. God that beak was amazing. Rex enjoyed the winter, but the Summer had him panting and Ms Julietten thought it best to send us on our way. All expenses paid of course.

Navitan, Abe’s World, Golgotha. I’ve lost track of the places now. Rex is getting old. I can see it, in the grey whiskers, and the way he favours his left paw more and more. I don’t care what happens to me when he goes. I just want my dog to be happy.

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