Describe the first use of superhuman soldiers in open combat.

“I can’t take it. I need out. Give me a grenade. Get me out.”

The smack sent Ramirez sprawling to the hard wooden floor of the small church. He tasted blood and looked up at the sergeant who’d backhanded him.

“Another word out of you, and I’ll send you out their in your boots. Just your boots.”

“Sarge, they’re moving again. Western edge, by the big barns,” Jenkins announced from her lookout in steeple above them. “I count five, no six packs of squids and a couple big mamas.”

“They sniffed us out?” Sergeant Jessop asked Jenkins, leaving the sprawled trooper at his feet.

“No. Standard search pattern.” She looked down through the hatchway. “We’re good for now.”

“Alright people, let’s use this break. Check weapons and ammo. Carparzo, I want you to look over Nate.”

“Aye sir,” the medic said, pulling out the remnants of his field kit and unclipping the ceramic plate from Nate’s chest. The blood that had pooled began to flow freely down the wounded soldier’s chest and Jessop didn’t need to ask how bad it was.

“What the fuck,” Jenkins whispered, her voice the only sound until an ear-shattering boom rocked the foundations of the little church. The white picket fence that served as their only protection was torn from the ground, several posts sent flying through the air before puncturing the walls like nails in a coffin.

Jenkins slipped, lost her footing and fell through the hatch, her helmet catching on the wood. Jessop was there in an instant, breaking her fall and sending them both crashing to the ground.

“Seven-four,” Jessop said. Jenkins smirked.

“What the hell was that man?” Ramirez said, rocking back and forth against the end of a pew. “Flyboys dropping orbitals? I don’t wanna go out like that.”

“If it was from orbit, we’d be toast by now,” Nate said, in between breaths. “That was surface. My guess, plasma overload.”

“How would that happen?” Jessop asked, peering through a crack in the walls. Small fires still burnt but nothing else moved. Nate just shrugged.

“Jenkins,” Jessop began, but she was already shouldering her rifle, pulling down her balaclava.

“Recon,” she said.


She turned without another word, heading for the doors when Jessop saw movement outside. Something moved between the cracks in the walls and the fires beyond. He dove for Jenkins, pulling her to the ground as the doors flew open.

Something in Jessop was still working on a purely instinctive level. Years of conditioning. As he looked along the barrel of his weapon at the hulking monstrosities striding into the church his finger stopped outside the trigger guard. They were monsters. Their armour had the same sheen as the squids. But there, plastered above their heart was the insignia of the human forces.

“Thunder,” he shouted, counting down from three to shot.

“Lightning,” the lead monster replied, flipping open it’s visor.

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