“I know this is ridiculous and impossible and…. stupid, but I love you- I love you more than I could ever tell you, and there is no way in hell I’m leaving here without you.”

She knelt by his side, the eyes of her helmet glowing in the dim light so that it was the only thing he could focus on. His hand sought out hers in the darkness. Kevlar met kevlar and he squeezed, tightly.

“They’re not coming,” he said.

“Maintain discipline soldier,” she said. It was her authoritative voice. The dulcet tones of a commander commanding. God he loved that voice. He could hear the smile behind her mask.

“You need to evac. Get back to the surface.”

“I’ve never left a man behind,” she said. “And you come close to been a man.”

“Gee, thanks Sarge,” he said. He coughed and tasted the iron-tang of blood within the confines of his helmet. Vitals ran along the peripheries of his helmet’s screen and he felt bad for whoever’s they were.

“Hold on soldier, that’s an order.”

“You know I’ve never been one to follow orders.” Cough. “Why break a habit.”

“Casevac is five mikes out. They just need to get down here.”

“Sarge, I know this is ridiculous and impossible and stupid, but…”

“Conserve your O2.”

“I love you.”

“I knew that morphine was a bad idea.”

“I love you more than I could ever tell you.”

She checked the ejection port on her rifle, cycling through power modes and scanning the tunnel in both directions. Nothing was coming. For now. The enemy was regrouping. Regrowing. They had to get out. She took another hit of stims.

“You’re an ass, you know that,” she said, clamping the rifle to the mag plate on her back. She knelt, grabbed him by his arms and hoisted him up and over. “A really heavy ass.”

“You’re just saying that because you love me,” he slurred.

“I love you kid, don’t worry, and there is no way I’m leaving Hell without you.”

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