The war with the alien forces has left the planet in ruins, the victory was paid for with the blood of millions. But you don’t care about the damn victory. You are a simple civilian searching for your significant other, who went MIA during the last battle.

It’s been two years, eight months and seven days since she last saw him. Buenos Aires, before the Red Fall. The city had escaped relatively unscathed, compared to most at least. Nothing over four stories still stood. The children were gone already. The children always went first.

It’s hard to kiss someone goodbye when you don’t know if either of you will live to see another sunrise. It’s harder still when each of you is cocooned in layer after layer of composite armour, with needles and tubes poking into places that mother nature intended for other purposes. Purposes they had been trying fruitlessly to engage.

Neither dared take anything off and yet they were lying open with each other.

Two years. Nearly three. And still she searched.

The submerged skyscrapers of New York came up empty. Not particularly true. Veterans had begun to take up residence, the penthouses now more like gentle lake houses. There was no power, only the chance to burn things the previous generations had held dear.

Voi was a crater. A city, a billion people, reduced to carbon. It was some of the most fertile soil on the planet. She was like everyone else now. A person, drafted, embattled, victories, and now a civilian. The only skills she knew now involved an X8 and a large drum of high explosives. She worked the farms for a Summer. Got back to humanity.

Antarctica was brutal. As they’d been forced south, from the Equator, through the jungles of the Congo and Amazon, the militaries of Earth had made one last base in the frozen wastelands. Not much had changed since. Those with families left. Those with hunger for war stayed.

She found him there. As if he’d never left. She’d changed, learned to live again.

But he was still fighting a war.

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