You are tasked with defusing a bomb, and your friend has the only manual to defuse it. One problem, it’s in German.

“This word has two dozen letters. I don’t even know where to begin. I could start speaking it, but I’d die of old age at the end. And it’s got one of those weird Bs. With the bit that hangs down. I mean, seriously, it’s like someone slipped when writing it.”

“It’s like a double s.”


“It’s called a scharfe S and it sounds like sssss.”

“So why not just write sssss?”

“I’d love to discuss the finer points of germanic languages with you, but there is a rather large quantity of low explosive filling my nostrils.”

“Why did you snort it?”

“I… what? No. I mean all I can smell is explosive.”

“How do you know what explosives smell like?”

“They smell like impending doom. Now, what does the manual say?”

“I’m pretty sure this isn’t the right manual.”

“It’s plastered in ‘streng geheim’ stamps, which unless my knowledge has completely failed me, means top secret. What else could it be for?”

“Well, there’s this diagram. And I think the top secret part refers to a bit in that.”

“What kind of diagram.”


“I know, I’m exhausted too, but I really want to stop this thing ticking down.”

“No, it’s an exhaust. There’s this little black box with a big black arrow saying strong germine.”

“Streng geheim.”


“What the hell kind of manual is this?”

“The title page just says ‘Exhaust Software’.”

“Oh god. Who’s the author?”

“Erm, some dude called Volkswagen.”

Prompt originally posted by batchloo1 on reddit and received 7 upvotes.

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