You go for a walk in the woods with your significant other. On arriving at an opening between the trees you see a huge highly sophisticated alien spacecraft. Your partner calmly holds your hands, looks at you in the eye, and declares that there is something they need to tell you.

“I thought we’d have more time.”

I held Lucy’s hand, feeling the skin beneath the skin. It was cold, the autumns here warmed only by the runt of the binary suns. We hadn’t take suits, only basic helmets; we’d have to say our goodbyes and then take shelter.

“I won’t see you again.”

I smiled. Lucy was always blunt. It was one of my favourite things about her.

“You never know.”

“Your kind are always so optimistic.”

The ship hissed and thrummed and whirred in the background, making sounds that rattled the very fibres within my bones. Lucy looked over her shoulder at it. I could have sworn her eyes were wet, but when she turned back to face me there was only that gaze.

“You have treated me well. My people will not forget this Shepherd.”

The sounds shifted, growing. Lucy turned to look once more. She grabbed my hand and pulled me close.

“Do you trust me?” she said, her voice barely containing an urgency I’d never heard her use before.

“Of course.”

“Then come. Join me.”

“But you said…”

“Screw what I said.”

And with that, I took the hand of the woman who had crash-landed in my life, changing everything I had known, and followed her to the most dangerous place in the Universe.

I was going to meet her parents. All three million of them.

Prompt originally posted by Petal_1 on reddit and received 26 upvotes.

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