“I don’t mind us connecting with our parallel Earth and all, I just wish they weren’t so damn smug about being ‘The Good One’!”

“You find her?” Mark asked.

Grey sat on the edge of the building, letting his legs dangle over the edge to catch the rising heat from the fires below. Apparently they had whole vehicles, dedicated to stopping fires, on their side of the portal. It made him think about what life could have been like.



Mark had been his friend since forever. Technically forever was three years; ever since they’d both been caught in the middle of a shootout between the Johnsons and New Moons. But in this city, that practically constituted life.

Grey leant over the edge and watched as one of the floors below erupted in a ball of flame.

“She’s a doctor,” he said. Mark looked at him nonplussed from around his cigarette. “It means she helps people, fixes ‘em when they get shot.”

“That a real thing?”

“Didn’t see many people getting shot over there.”

“No, I mean, like helping people? For real?” Mark said.

“They got doctors and teachers and police.”

“My pa used to be a policeman,” Mark cut in. It was rare for him to share personal stories. Grey didn’t even know he’d had a father, just thought him another tank-birth set free from the labs. “He used to line the grubs up and waste ‘em, blam blam blam.”

“I don’t think their police are the same.”

“So what you gonna do? The Mel here don’t want you. You gonna try for Mel Two?”

Grey took a long drag from his cigarette. The love of his life, Ma Mel, ran one of the biggest cartels in the city. She owned the slowly burning building on which they sat. And she’d promised to have his skin cut from his body if he ever showed his face on her doorstep again.

“A goodie-two-shoes Earth-2 chick like that? No chance she’d fall for me.”

“Stranger things have happened,” Mark said. He pushed off from the edge, letting his tac-wings unfurl. Grey could hear him laughing as he disappeared through the smoke below.

“Asshole,” Grey grumbled.

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