In the future, thousands of billboards in low earth orbit block out the stars and sometimes the sun. When you look up, all you see are advertisements.

I was twelve when I saw the stars for the first time. A coast guard cutter had come untethered while giving an ageing satellite a little extra nudge, sending its orbit on an intercept course with the middle of the Pacific. It was quicker than dismantling it and cheaper than pushing it out of Earth’s gravity. Only this time they’d gotten it wrong, the tether snapped and cutter and satellite both had run straight into an orbital battery.

The screens went dark. A thousand square miles of crystal, suddenly devoid of life and purpose. And between the cracks I could see the Universe.

Light. Light from a million stars, screaming through the heavens for a million years.

I sat on the roof of the skyblock for the entire night. I watched the Sun rise, the morning glow glinting off of the mirrors above. I counted them. I counted them all and hated them all. By nightfall the screens were back.

They call me a pirate now. At first it was prankster. Fake advertisements, political messages, jokes. But it wasn’t enough. People didn’t get it. So I upped my game. I blew them up. I crashed them into each other. And they just built more!

Well no more. Today I am going to get my stars back. Today, the sky is falling.

Prompt originally posted by Nickvr628 on reddit and received 20 upvotes.

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