The leaders of two opposing armies embrace before heading back to their respective armies to sound the attack

Their armour knocked in the stillness of the air. The landscape had been torn asunder, with all manner of detritus littering the once pristine views, until only this bald patch remained amongst no-mans land. She lifted her visor and grinned at him.

“We’re going to crush you bugs.”

He was still fighting with his makeshift armour. It felt like days he’d been trapped inside of it. Suffocating. Like their fort itself, everything had been cobbled together, hastily assembled when the first volleys had been fired at them. Nothing could have prepared them for their enemy’s ferocity.

“That was mean,” he said, canting his head.

The war beasts lay sprawled on the side of the battlefield, their heads covered by wreckage. The animals had faltered early, taken, repurposed for combat and shunned the moment they fled. He missed the majestic creatures.

“We’ve got the bigger base,” she jeered, thumbing a hand over her back at the towering fort on her side of the wasteland. “And we’re going to smash yours into the ground.”

“Yeah, well,” he said, stepping back and finally throwing the cheap toy helmet from his head. “I can stop you.”

He swung the pillow from behind his back, striking his sister full-speed in her face. The family dogs scrambled out of the way as he sprinted back to the couch, the cushions arranged to provide some measure of defence from her retaliation.

Prompt originally posted by ThisIsXanderH on reddit and received 11 upvotes.

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