When Human civilization collapsed, a Golden Age ended. Interstellar trade routes fell to ruin and cultures throughout the galaxy struggled to survive the resulting dark ages. After 1,200 years, the galaxy is experiencing a renaissance.

It was a wondrous time. So full of hope and vigour we were. A thousand thousand worlds and all of them ripe and fertile, their cultures as unique as the fauna that slithered and crawled upon their surface. Oh, it was a wondrous time.

“I heard they could fly.”

“In ships! Made of metal!”

“It took a hundred years to cross the skies.”

“And they died! Pirates and monsters and…”

“Children, please,” the pedagogue spoke. The children quieted down instantly, returning to their mats.

Humanity had spread outwards in every direction, touching galaxies and moons alike, until their borders were spread so thin anything smaller than a gas giant went unnoticed. Space was vast. So vast. And they had slipped in. Into the worlds, the colonies, the people. Their minds.

“My Farla said the First Ones went crazy.”

“They ate each other!”

“And they burned the worlds to stop it!”


It became a race. A desperate race. We scorched the earth, a thousand earths, but it could not stop their spread. We fell back to the final worlds and we fought and we gave no quarter for there was no quarter to give. And slowly, ever so slowly, their advance halted. We won the battle of Marem. We saved the planet of Aakesh.

“They were scared.”

“They didn’t go out again.”

“They’re still there.”

And now, we wait and we hope and we watch the skies with our weapons pointed at the heavens but our suspicions always raised. The enemy has left us. We are quarantined, withheld from the heavens as they spread above us. It is a new dawn for the galaxy, a second renaissance as what grew now grows again. Now we are not there to kill that which slithers and crawls.

“I wonder if they’re going to spread again.”

“I say we squish them!”

“Don’t be mean. They’re scary.”

“Children, please,” the teacher said. “The humans are more scared of us than we are of them.”

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