You are one of the five soldiers who are trained to fight threats from other universes. Write about some of the universes you’ve been to and what you have fought.

The Shift.

It was an egghead who came up with it. Just like it was an egghead who came up with the club or the nuke or the phased-plasma rifle. One day there’s a lab at DARPA, a whole team working on battlefield tactical displacement yada-yada-science-thing, and the next. Let’s just say there was a whole lot of bleach needed.

My momma always told me, “Jerry, you go out there and you try and make friends. But if someone is mean, you kick them to the ground.” Great woman, my mom. I joined the army when I was 18. Reached Rangers. Wanted more. When the Colonel came around asking for volunteers I had to fight off most of my squad.

Verse 1 was where we found the eggheads. MOPP is never a good idea, but this time it was definitely a good idea. The air would kill you flat in ten seconds. We didn’t stay long.

By Verse 7 we were doing well. Lots of rubble. Like downtown Detroit after a few nukes. Verse 9 was where we made contact. They were beasts. Big, hulking exosuits with enough firepower to waste half my fireteam before we could shift home. That didn’t stop them though.

They followed. They shifted after us. It took a dozen men to take each one of theirs down. And when we did? We found out underneath all that armour, they were just like us.

We call them Niners. They can pop, anywhere, anytime. They shift in and out, in and out.

I’m in the chamber now. If this goes well it’ll be my last shift. The last shift anyone will be able to make.

If someone’s mean to you, you kick them to the ground.

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