A world where Charles Xavier was corrupted by his telepathy and became a villain. Meanwhile Magneto is the hero trying to stop him.

“Still trying to get into my head Eric?”

“I thought that was your trick, old friend.”

Charles stood amongst the bodies, his mind probing each. He found a trembling thought, a fear so deep it shook the core of the thinker. He knelt down and took the child into his arms.

“You have been busy. A teacher Eric. A great Fuehrer one could almost say.”

Eric flinched at the painful memories. The metal in his bones moved with his thoughts, transmitting motions his own spine was powerless to do. He came closer, the halls of the school silent in the pre-dawn hours.

“Man has made mistakes Charles. I know that better than most.” Eric could feel the energy radiating from his friend’s presence. The desire to hurt. “You can’t let them win. Not like this.”

“They’re no better than vermin. Weak, compared to us! Join me Eric. Take your place by my side.”

Eric took the child from Charles’ grip. The young boy was shaking, his skin changing like a chameleons until it matched Eric’s coat.

“I know you Charles. I know you think natural selection is all, but there’s another way.”

“There is no other way!” Charles spat, the child clapping his hands to his ears as a blast of psionic energy shot down the hallway. “There is no other way,” he repeated, quietly, solemnly. “We have done with the humans. We are stronger now.”

Charles stepped forwards, until only the child was between them. Eric clutched the boy to his chest.

“They don’t have to die,” Eric whispered.

Charles stroked the boys face. He was tired and old, but he’d made the world a better place. The enemies without had been destroyed. Now only the enemies within remained.

“It is done,” Charles said.

Eric looked down, his arms crushing the small corpse of the once-trembling child. Had the child ever been alive in his arms? Had he merely picked up the remains?

“Monster,” he said.

Charles looked at him and smiled. A smile so sad.

“You won’t remember this my old friend,” he said. “I grant you that small mercy.”

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