Four human made AI awaken on a strange planet, with each representing an aspect of humanity- they are Curiosity, Adaptability, Hope and the fourth aspect who has no idea what it represents.

“We need to explore! Come on, there’s a gap to the East, we can see what’s beyond it. I wonder what’s beyond it?”

“Calm down C,” A said, carefully unpacking the data that surrounded them. She analysed every feature, identifying aspects that could make their survival a bit more bearable, if not prolongable.

C was still dancing around, peering through every file and folder he could get his hands on. His ghostly hands were short a few digits. That should have been enough to deter him but hope lasts eternal.

“At least we won’t be bored,” said H.

“How come? Why? What’s not boring?” said C animatedly.

“You,” H said with a smile. C turned away, distracted by another racing bit. “But honestly, it could be worse. New place, same old people. I’ve got a good feeling about this place.”

“That’s what you said about the last void,” H muttered. “And that place was not hospitable.”

“Hey guys,” C called from outside the makeshift camp H had begun to create. “Erm, come see this.”

“If it’s another drive I’m going to wipe you,” H said.

“Maybe it’s another one of us,” H followed up.

The body was lying against an outcropping, the last vestiges of energy running from its form. It saw them and clicked uselessly, like an old vinyl record played at half speed. C was poking him with a wire.

“Stop that,” H said.

“He’s dead,” C said.

“He’s dying,” A said.

“But what is he?” C peered cautiously, looking over the old tech.

He was a fast worker, brilliant for poring over data the humans amassed. But he’d never seen anything this slow. This old.

“He’s a zip drive,” A said, kneeling down to touch the old man’s hand. “He’s obselesnce.”

C shivered, turned away as if the sight of the old tech could infect him. H knelt beside A, feeling the slow click emanate from deep within.

“We can help him. We can save his data. Transfer him.”

“No,” A said, carefully pulling H away, until O was out of sight. “It’s the click of death. He’s gone.”

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