In order to save her comrades in a near inescapable situation, a woman gives in to a demon who has long been trying to possess her.

“You’re a prick.”

“This has been a long time coming Joan. You know the guy upstairs doesn’t care about these people.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that you’re a prick.”

“Now you’re just trying to hurt my feelings.”

She laughed, took out a packet of fags and sparked up.

“Is it working?” she asked, offering her companion one.

“No, and no thank you. You really should watch your health.”

“Tunnel, light, yada yada,” she said. “I know.”

“I was thinking more firestone and brimstone.”

“Makes a change. Blighty is so miserable. Just rain, rain, rain.”

“Is that what brought you here? A change of scenery.”

He opened his arms wide and the walls of the church began to burn, flickering out of existence to show the landscape beyond. The small town was beautiful and pristine. The white picket fences the Yanks seemed so fond of. Pavements filled with kids laughing and playing.

And then the flames spread and the fences burned and the children stopped playing.

Joan took a drag and turned back to look at the body lying on the church floor. The blood had begun to pool against the raised salt lines of the pentagram. Such a young girl, so much life ahead of her.

“Nasty one him,” her companion said, the red of his skin soaking in the flames. “Enjoys playing with them first. Hope and despair. Joy and loneliness.”

“He’s still in there?”

Her red-skinned companion knocked at the foot of the deceased, listening to the death rattle of soul and demon.

“Oh yeah, he’s in there.”

“I do this, you get one Winter.”

“And the Spring.”

“No sprees. Or any dead hookups. I don’t wanna be using bleach in the shower for the rest of my life.”

He held out a hand, wrapping the talons on his fingers around her own as she accepted. He didn’t let go. He pulled her in. Tighter. Closer. Until their faces met and his tongue probed her flesh.

“I’ve waited so long for this my dear.”

She didn’t flinch or look away. Repulsion now was nothing to what was coming, but before he could penetrate her soul she looked him deep in the pits of his black eyes.

“You save her, and this town. Promise me.”

“Why my dear girl.”

“Promise me!”

“I Beelzebub, promise to save the people of this town in return for your soul Joan Constantine.”

“Let’s dance,” she said.

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