On patrol, a small town sheriff is bitten by a werewolf

John had been born in Lykos. Spent enough years there to remember the woods and the warnings his elders gave before he moved to the Big City, found employment and a purpose serving and protecting it’s citizens, even if sometimes that meant protecting the people from themselves. When he found Claire, things began to change.

The big city became his mistress, keeping him away from the woman he loved. Every late night call out to a domestic, every high speed chase because some parole-jumper had fallen back into old habits left him exhausted. It left him drained.

When Claire came to him on a Wednesday morning, his duty belt hung about her waist, she didn’t need to say anything. She just held her tummy and smiled and he stayed home that day.

Three months later he transferred. The big city would continue without him. They were good people, cops and citizens alike. But Lykos could become their home.

Nine months to the day, Cain made his entrance. A couple became a family. John did well, he got to know the town or perhaps, revisit it was the better phrase. Outsiders didn’t do too well, but Claire was a local by proxy.

The Sheriff passed before their second child was born. It wasn’t a gunshot or a hit-or-run. He just turned up to work, the same building he’d come to everyday for five decades and keeled over by the coffee machine. John became the new Sheriff.

Six days later a letter arrived by courier from his predecessor’s lawyer. Written perimortem for his postmortem successor it was simple. Honest. Just like the man himself had been.

“To the man or woman who takes this office, you have a duty to serve and protect the night and the day. This is a town of men and half-men; many fine folks who, on the passing of the full moon, regress to the woods.

“On the first day of the cycle, you must go to the Hayward Stone. There you will find them.”

John had to dig out a lunar calendar to find the next full moon. It wasn’t the kind of thing the average man kept track of. One week.

In one week’s time his life would change. Needles and drug busts and IA investigations; nothing would come close to the changes that began on that night.

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