in a dystopian future, Black Friday has evolved into a sport in which the rich throw valuable trinkets to the poor and watch them slaughter each other.

“You, plump woman,” he said, looking down from the gallery at the throng beneath. An older woman looked up, one shoulder of her plain white shirt already torn, and jabbed a thumb at her chest. The man nodded.

“I have here a box. Would you care to guess what is inside this box?”

She murmured and stammered, pushing others out of the way as she waded through closer, hands lifted upwards to receive the gift. The man’s smile stopped her in her tracks.

“What would you give me for this box?” he asked.

“Anything,” she breathed. “Anything.”

He lifted a single, crooked finger from the wrapping paper of the box and pointed at a young girl, lost and confused as her seniors battled over morsels and scraps. She was alone, abandoned by her parents.

“I want her innocence,” the man said. “Take her innocence and give it to me.”

The woman let her gaze shift from the box, to the girl and back to the box. Slowly, from her back, she drew a long blade and set about getting her reward.

Prompt originally posted by cybercuzco on reddit and received 15 upvotes.

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