People think you’re the hero. They think you cover your face to protect those you care about. They’re wrong – you cover your face so that no one will recognize you from when you used to be the villain.

When Thorne died, bleeding out in my arms, I felt vindication. The man was dead. The monster was gone.

Twelve years. That’s how long I’d been hunting him, fighting him across rooftops and airports. Bringing chaos so he would arrive, like a moth to the flame, but always just out of reach, always besting me.

I didn’t start like this. No one starts bad. You just get wrapped up in a desire, a need to see something through, visit evil on those who have visited it upon you. Thorne wasn’t always Thorne.

Thorne had been known as Cain. Cain the Destroyer. Cain, the bastard who killed my wife. Cain, the bastard who took her life and the life of our child.

I saw through the mask Thorne wore when he arrived on the scene. I directed my energy to unveiling him, and when that didn’t work I knew I had to end him.

And then I did. He died. Cain died. But Thorne, Thorne took his mask off and as I left the body to cool on the rootftop, I became the man. The hero. Maybe Cain had done the same before me. Maybe someone will do the same to me.

I got justice. Now I have to pay for it.

Prompt originally posted by AnCapGamer on reddit and received 23 upvotes.

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