You are about to make a deal with death. What will you give him, in return for three days for your loved one?

“You can’t enjoy it. Or her,” the figure said.

I watched the maggot, watched it burrow into the flesh of my finger, felt it’s movements within. This was what I had become. I looked up, from the necrotic tips of my finger to the hooded cloak of the figure, and grinned a toothless grin.

“That doesn’t matter. I’m not doing it for her.”

“And our arrangement?”

“You’ll get what I promised. I’m going to war against the assholes who put me in the ground and when I’m done, there won’t be enough graves to go around.”

The cowl smiled, a black grin within a black hood, and I wondered how far I would go. How much I would sacrifice to get revenge on those bastards. I had already given my life.

What more could I lose?

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