You are an astronaut on the ISS or something similar orbiting the Earth. You take a spacewalk just in time to witness a large asteroid crash into the Earth, in an extinction event worse than the dinosaurs.

It wasn’t strictly against regs to be out on an EVA without logging a plan. Plenty of guys did it to hop between habs, sliding into an external suit like a condom clinging to the side of the bowl, before pushing off and docking at the commissary or the dorm mod.

What was likely to get me kicked back to Phobos was the most awesome fireworks display ever, playing out before my visor.

Paco had swapped out our H2O feeds for something with a little more C2H5OH and we’d spent the last twenty minutes finding a good spot to watch the destruction of the little blue dot before us.

Neither of us had been born on Terra. Practically no-one had in the last fifty years. Not since some dude looking through a telescope had seen Scorpius-8 bearing down on Earth like a freight truck with a billion containers on its back, ready to smash into the Atlantic or Africa or wherever.

The ends of our tethers were attached to Gateway, the first and largest of the orbital stations. From here, billions of people had abandoned their home, giving up gravity and air for a lifetime of ration cards and hard labour on a chunk of rock further out from the Sun.

The rock hit, silent in space, and we clunked helmets together and laughed.

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