“You don’t understand. She was everything to me. She’s the love of my, she’s my sun, my universe, but she chose him. Do you know how frustrating that is?” “Of course I do. I experience it every time I look at you.”

Kayla sat on the deck of the gunship, staring at the empty visor of her helmet and felt the engines kick up, sending dust flying around the cabin. The ground fell away as they took off, until the village was distinguishable only the column of black smoke that lazily rose into the sky.

“It’s over.”

The voice was soft and real. The helmet gave the world an artificial feeling. Every sight and sound recorded, processed and displayed back to her with a digital-tang. But now his words were at her ear.

“She’s gone.”

Kayla screamed, smashed the helmet in her hands against the bulkhead until her arm struggled to lift it. They were alone in the cabin, just her and Dal. The gunship would fly them home and then they’d wipe the logs from the autonav.

“You don’t have to fight her anymore,” Dal said.

Kayla ran a finger over the surface of her helmet. Years of combat, wars fought in every region and against every tribe in these lands. And then her. She found the rent in the side, traced her finger against the crack and smiled.

“You don’t understand,” Kayla said. “She was everything to me. The love of my life, my sun, my universe.” She turned to face Dal and smiled; the smile turned to a frown, the frown to anger charging forwards once more. “But she chose him.”

Dal didn’t have to ask who he was. His power was growing, drawing more and more loyal soldiers to his side, like moths to the flame. Traitors did not make for good lovers.

“We were betrothed before the Empress. The first of our name, with the pick of the males. And she chose him! Do you know how frustrating that is?”

Dal took off her own helmet and looked out at the ruins of the empire.

“Of course I do,” she said. “I experience it every time I look at you.”

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