You suddenly find yourself being summoned into a fantasy world. Apparently you’re the prophesied hero, destined to vanquish all evil…but you immediately join the bad guys because they’re much cooler.

The leather plates of John’s spaulders creaked as he slowly moved his arms, testing the range of motion afforded him. The chest piece was light, lighter than he’d expected. He wrapped his knuckles against it and frowned.

“You,” John shouted.

The men before him, knelt on bended knee looked between each other until one finally stood. His face was covered by a black shroud. The man approached, stopped, saluted before his new king.

“Put this on,” John said, removing the chest piece and passing it to the man.

The soldier hurriedly swapped his own cheap vest for the fine cuirass. John watched, adjusted the straps until it sat snugly, and then drew the mans sword and ran it through the fellows chest.

The soldier gurgled and fell, but at least he had the good sense to avoid falling on his king. John rolled the body over, letting the sword stand proud from the mans chest.

“I expect better,” he said, to each and every man present. “The man who made this armour did so to kill me. Bring me the tailor.”

The men grimaced.


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