“Fighting you might be impossible… …but your friend over there looks pretty vulnerable.”

Kara stood before him and smiled. She’d won. Even as he emptied the last of his bullets at her, the rounds pinging off of her chest, she knew she’d already won this battle. The gun skittered away as at last it ran dry. Around them, the bank suddenly became very quiet, only the soft sobs of the staff and unlucky patrons remaining.

Merik began advancing towards her, drawing the sword that was sheathed across his back and raking it across the marble floor. The sound set Kara’s ears on edge, but she knew the edge of a knife would be nothing now.

“You can’t win,” she said. “Just give up.”

He swung, wildly lunging, and she sent him reeling against the far wall with a single blow. He slumped to the ground.

“Fighting you might be impossible,” he finally said, using the sword to pull himself up. “But your friend over there, he looks pretty vulnerable.”

“No,” she whispered.

Merik was moving before she could even react. All the strength in the world, it could do her no good as she watched him grab the only man who’d stood by her during the change. Dala had been the only person who knew what she had gone through and stayed with her through it all.

“No,” she shouted.

“I’m going to enjoy watching you break,” Merik said.

Dala didn’t scream as the sword pierced his chest. He just looked at Kara and smiled.

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