You awake from a bizarre dream and sleepily make your way to the kitchen for some water. You pour a glass and turn on the lights only to realize that it wasn’t water you had been drinking, it was sulfuric acid! And you’re not an attractive young person, but a horrific, 8 foot tall reptile!

Hell wasn’t other people. Hell was not recognising the person you were anymore. A clawed fist dented the mirrored hood of the cooker, only causing the figure reflected within to become even more distorted.

Drago felt his heart beat, the senses still new and raw as his body fought to use past memories to make sense of foreign input. He would hear the glass hiss, the electricity hum, he could see the remnant heat of where the camera had been focusing it’s IR beam only a moment before from above the refrigerator.

None of this was right, but it was happening and Drago set the glass down gently, taking a deep breath as he gripped at the edge of the worktop and felt his talons dig in, deeper, until his mind screamed at him to stop. Stop and think.

None of this was real. Only he was.

None of this would last. But he was stuck this way forever.

Six months he had been like this. Waking every night in a fever, his mind playing back happy memories of pale flesh and thin digits, before his vision changed and the flesh bubbled and tore apart leaving only scales and bone. Jacob had died in the accident. As his throat constricted, vocal chords shrivelling into nothingness like the rest of his human anatomy, his name became the only syllables he could produce. Drago. Drago.

He knew they would be watching. Their prized military test subject. A GI who wanted to make his country proud and said yes to every needle without stopping to think twice. Now all he could do was think.

They built him a dorm. His own separate mini-barracks. The air was warm like he needed. The water burnt but sated his thirst. The food moved but hunger had won out eventually, painfully.

Come morning the worktop would be fixed, but he would still be a beast.

Prompt originally posted by OfficialKimboSlice on reddit and received 2 upvotes.

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