A serial killer drops his gun, and his soon to be victim scrambles to pick it up. However, the victim’s form is terrible. The exasperated serial killer tries to teach the victim proper shooting form.

“What the hell is that?”

“Your gun,” Mike said, arms shaking uncontrollably as he pointed the black hanggun at his attacker.

“Well I can see that, but you’re not gonna hit anything. Have you even held a weapon before?”

“Of course.”

“Was it plastic, with a little orange muzzle and the foam darts that go thumwp?”

“Screw you. On the ground.”

“Or what?”

“Or… or I’ll shoot. Gun. Remember?”

“You have to aim first.”

“I am aiming.” Mike shifted his grip to emphasise just how in control he was. The attacker laughed.

“That’s not aiming. Look at you. Standing straight with both feet together. The first shot and you’ll be on your back.”



“Well then I won’t miss.”

“Move your right foot back.”


“Right foot. Move it back.”

Mike hesitated, looking at the attacker before finally inching his foot back.


He kept on moving it until the attacker nodded.

“Now raise the weapon and draw it in. Tighter. Christ. Come here.”

Before Mike could react the attacker was beside him, grabbing his wrists and manhandling him into position. Mike was shaking, feeling himself positioned like a marionette.

“You want to hold it close. Forget the weaver stance and all that nonsense. That’s for women at the gun range and mall cops. You want to hold the gun close, just below eyesight, within your personal space. Centre Axis Relock. Best stance there is. In a small house like this.”

“Hey,” Mike interrupted.

“In a small house like this, it gives you room to move and react. You can pivot and aim faster than the bad guy can move.”

The attacker stepped back and took a moment to stretch, dropping into a combat stance of his own before flicking out a balisong knife.

“You ready?”

“Errr… I think so,” Mike said.

The attacker rushed forwards, covering the few feet so fast. Mike squeezed the trigger and heard the click of the safety.

“You bastard,” he said.

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