Every 300 years or so, Earth is struck by a meteors. With the meteors comes between 50 to 200 dragons. What is it like to be a human.

It was at the moment the sky was torn asunder and the first of the fire beasts came crashing down through the storm clouds that I realised this might have been a mistake.

“Let’s go back Tobias.”

The beast banked and swooped around the falling sky rocks. It shone brightly as the lightning played off of it’s scales, illuminating the cavernous mouth and huge wings. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as it’s howls reached across the valley.

“Tobias, I’m scared.”

Mia tugged at the hem of my tunic. Her eyes were wild, the burning sky reflected in them as she trembled, watching the beasts our grandmother warned us of descend towards the valley floor.

“The village!” she cried.

The rocks struck the ground, exploding in a rush of power as the ground shook, buildings splintering and collapsing. And a heartbeat later, they attacked.

The fires spread instantly. Great chains of fire, lancing the ground in long streaks that sliced through a dozen dwellings at a time. We were too far to see the villagers. Friends and folk we had grown with our entire lives. But we could hear the screams, even over the sound of the falling rocks.

When it was over the beasts lay in the ashes and I clutched my sister to my chest.

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